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Hello everyone and welcome to my shop, a creative boutique offering exquisite and beautiful jewellery.

Jewellery design fascinated me from a young age, and I started creating my own pieces like friendship bracelets, using beads and charms.

After graduating and a short time in the corporate sector, I decided to focus further on what I am best in doing; designing, and creating from my atelier in London. My husband, a trained jeweller and gemmologist with over 15 years’ experience in the trade helped me to launch my vision in creating my own little brand. Now, between both of us, we have an extensive background, training and qualification in Jewellery design, starting from the initial sketch, CAD design, creating wax moulds to the final setting and polishing. We work mostly in Silver and semi-precious stones, including high grade diamond simulant CZ.

As a complete design house and combining our expertise, we can create any design of your liking and in any metal including Gold, Silver or Platinum. If you have a specific design in mind and would like to bring that to fruition, please let me know and we can custom make that for you!

Myself and my small team also believe in providing excellent customer service and how I would like to be treated as a customer. I welcome my shoppers to buy with confidence knowing that I will do my absolute best in making sure that the shopping experience is worth returning!

Thank you for your support and Happy Shopping!

Love xx